The KER ClockIt Sport website contains reporting tools to help you keep track of your horse’s fitness. Check out the step-by-step guides below for more on using KER ClockIt Sport to plan your training program, view reports of your rides, and share your progress with friends, coaches, and clients.

Looking for more information on getting started with KER ClockIt Sport? Read our quick start guides for the KER ClockIt Sport app and Polar H10 Equine Heart Rate Monitor.

Plan Your Training Program

Screenshot of a sample work plans for Intermediate- and Novice-level event horses.
Image of a rider starting a session on the ClockIt app

Track Your Progress

Screenshot of a Training Zone report in the ClockIt app
Screenshot of a Trend Selections report in the ClockIt web app

Share Your Stats

A rider in an open field with a coach pointing off in the distance.
A rider talking to their coach in a cross-country warm-up ring.
Three women watching a horse work out.
A selfie with four women riding horses.