A Modern Way To Measure Equine Fitness

By tracking the individual horse’s intensity and duration of exercise, horse owners and trainers can condition and feed each horse appropriately for the work they’re actually performing. KER ClockIt Race was originally designed to track training intensity in racehorses. It has recently been customized to the conditioning programs of sport horses, called KER ClockIt Sport.


At its most basic level, KER ClockIt allows riders and trainers to track their horses’ accumulated mileage, see workout summaries, and understand how their programs compare to others.

Heart-Rate Data

Use the associated heart-rate monitor to see how an individual horse’s cardiovascular fitness improves over time. KER ClockIt translates heart-rate data into an easy-to-understand visual chart.

Training & Coaching

Trainers and students can create, assign, and complete workout programs for their horses. Professional horsemen can monitor large stables remotely, with custom reports on each horse.