KER ClockIt Race example session

Use a heart-rate monitor to track how an individual horse’s fitness improves over time and easily spot anomalies.

KER offers Bluetooth-enabled heart-rate monitors for sale on its online stores in the United States and Australia. KER recommends the use of ultrasound gel to maximize conduction.

Troubleshooting Heart-Rate Monitor Issues

  • If there is another horse that has a monitor on nearby, you may be connected to the Bluetooth on that horse. The app is generally good at connecting to the device that is closest to it, but occasionally it will connect to another. Once a Bluetooth is connected to the app, no other electrode set can connect to it.
  • Is it easiest if you can place the electrodes on each horse individually and then connect it to whichever phone will be used on that horse before placing electrodes on the next horse. Obviously this is not always practical, so in that case you can check which device is connected to which horse by changing pace and watching the speed. For example, if two are riding together, if you stop your horse and the other keeps walking, and your speed drops to 0, then you are connected to the right one.
  • Wrap the rubber connector around the girth and clip it in place.
  • The electrode that goes underneath the saddle is best if placed underneath the panel, along the horse’s back. At the point of the tree or underneath where your thigh sits are good places, as they have the most consistent contact with the horse with some pressure to hold the electrode in place.
  • Try different positions to find where it best stays in place on your horse, or contact us at [email protected] and we’ll assist you with correct positioning.
  • Check that the Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Check that the Bluetooth device is properly clicked in to the electrode set.
  • Check that the electrodes have a good, consistent contact with the horse:
    • The correct side is contacting the horse
    • Positioned correctly
    • Girth tight enough
    • Enough ultrasound gel (unclipped horses will require more gel).
  • Close the app and restart it.
  • Change the battery in the Bluetooth device.
  • Ensure contact has not been lost:
    • Is there enough gel?
    • Is your girth tight enough?
    • Has the electrode slipped from where it should be?
    • Check the batteries in the Bluetooth device.
  • Try turning the Bluetooth device around in the electrode set.
  • Check there is enough gel on the electrodes.
  • Stop and restart the app.
  • If you have just put the electrodes on the horse, try walking it around a little to see if the electrodes will pick up the correct HR.