Trend Selections are found in the Sessions tab of your KER ClockIt Sport web app. To set up a new report, follow these steps:

Navigate to the Trend Selections page (under “Sessions” in the navigation at the top) and choose “New Selection.” Give your trend selection a name and description (optional) and click the “Create” button to save it.

Screenshot of creating a new Trend Selection

Next, go to the Trend Selections Segments page to create the intervals you want to track.

Screenshot of creating a new trend selection segment

Highlight your intervals on your Session Details graph, choose the trend selection segment from the drop-down menu, and use the thumbtack icon to assign the segment you created to that interval.

Screenshot of applying trend selection segments to a session graph

Add the sessions you want to include in your report by using the drop-down options menu on your Session List.

Screenshot of adding sessions to Trend Selections

Once your report is set up and you’ve added your sessions, select Trend Graphs for the Trend Selection you wish to view, check the boxes for the intervals you would like to include, and hit view to see your report. Below is a sample report from upper-level eventer Anna Loschiavo. Read more about how she uses KER ClockIt Sport to track her horses’ fitness.

Screenshot of selecting a trend selection report to view
Screenshot of selecting sessions to view in trend selections report
Screenshot of part of a trend selections report