Busy trainers have a lot of things to keep track of: vet and farrier visits, grain deliveries, show schedules, and more. When there aren’t enough hours in the day, assistant trainers and working students are often assigned horses to ride, but trying to keep track of what horse was ridden when and by who can create even more work. Automate that part of your record keeping with KER ClockIt Sport.

Add your assistant trainers and working students to your KER ClockIt Sport account to give them access to your stable of horses, training protocols, and calendar. When they select your horse, the session will automatically be added to your KER ClockIt Sport account.

Once you’ve added your riders, get a bird’s eye view of your entire stable’s training sessions with work reports. Choose your time period (week, month, etc.) and see a list of sessions complete with horse’s name, rider, work type, time spent riding, and distance.

To view your work report, simply select “Work Reports” from the “Reports” drop-down menu and enter the date range for your report and click the “Get Report” button.