Your Session Detail Graph

Viewing your sessions on the KER ClockIt Sport website can give you more in-depth insights to your horse’s progress. To view your sessions on the website, log in, click on “Sessions” in the top navigation menu, and click “View” for your selected session. The session graph will default to showing your speed and heart rate (if you used a heart rate monitor). You can also see the altitude by clicking on “Altitude” above the graph. You can also switch between seeing your session by time or distance using the tabs at the top of the graph.

Hovering over your graph will show the selected values for that particular point of your ride. It will also display your location at that point on the map below the graph. Dragging over a section of the graph will zero in on that section. To return to the full graph, simply click on the “Show all” magnifying glass at the top right of the graph.

Use the tabs at the top of session overview to view more detailed information about your ride, including:

  • Time and distance broken down by gait and heart rate zone;
  • Session details, such as horse, rider, location, and work type;
  • Weather information for that ride;
  • Training protocol splits; and
  • Downloadable files of your raw session data.

Setting Custom Rulers and Chart Markers

Many competitions require a horse to move at a certain speed to to be successful, like the optimum speed for a cross-country course. If you are preparing for such a competition, you may want to make sure that your horse spends a certain amount of time at that speed during your conditioning works.

Customizing your chart markers is a good way to see how close you are to your optimum speed on your session graph. Chart markers can also be used to designate certain heart rate to make sure that your horse is spending enough time working hard enough to match the level of intensity during competition.

How To Set Up Chart Markers

  1. Hover over “Profile” in the top navigation menu and click on “Manage Chart Markers.”
  2. Use the form on the right side of the screen to set up your custom chart marker.
  3. Return to your “Session Details” graph and use the button below the graph to view/hide your chart markers.