Riders meticulously plan the conditioning schedule of their horses to ensure peak fitness when they step onto the competition grounds. More likely than not, this conditioning schedule starts months before the competition.

Setting up a work plan with KER ClockIt Sport can help you create the optimal conditioning schedule for your horse. Custom work types can be color-coded on the website for an easy-to-read overview of your plan, allowing you to quickly assess workout variety. Combining your work plan with progressive training protocols can help guide you through workouts of increasing difficulty, and tracking your rides as you complete them will help make sure you and your horse stay on track.

How To Set Up Your Work Plan

  1. Log in to your KER ClockIt Sport web app and click on “Calendar” in the top navigation menu.
  2. Use the form to the right of the calendar to add workouts to your calendar.
  3. Set up related training protocols to use while you are riding.
  4. Use your KER ClockIt Sport mobile app to record your ride and keep track of your progress.