KER ClockIt uses default gait speeds based on average speeds of horses. However, not all horses travel at the same speeds; height, breeding, and level of fitness can all affect a horse’s speed. If your reports don’t accurately reflect your horse’s workout, you can customize the gait speeds for your horse.

Click on “My Horses” in the top navigation of the KER ClockIt web app.

Screenshot of KER ClockIt homepage with "My Horses" link highlighted.

Click on “Edit gaits” for the horse that you have chosen.

Screenshot of My Horses page with "Edit gaits" link highlighted.

Type your horse’s maximum gait speed for each of the gaits and click “Update” to save.

Screenshot of Edit gait speeds page.

Note: To determine your horse’s gait speeds, use the Trend Selection reporting feature in KER ClockIt. Measure out a set distance and ride along it at each gait. For more accuracy, complete the distance at both a slow and fast speed for each gait. Log in after your ride and use the report to determine the range of your horse’s gait speeds.