Kentucky Equine Research developed KER ClockIt Sport, a modern tool for tracking horse fitness and developing conditioning programs for sport horses. The app can be used to simply record distance traveled and time spent at different gaits during a training session, or it can be used as an advanced tool to collect heart rate data and share training sessions with trainers and coaches.

Before you record your first session, make sure you have finished setting up your profile.

Tracking your ride is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and select “Start a New Session.”

2. Pick your horse, location, and work type and tap “Start Session” to begin recording. (Note: training protocols are optional plans that you can set up to guide you through your horse’s workout.)

3. When you’re done riding, click “End Session” and scroll down to upload the session to your KER ClockIt Sport account.

After your ride, log in to the KER ClockIt Sport website to view your session details, reports, and more. Learn more about monitoring your horse’s fitness with KER ClockIt Sport and get step-by-step guides to using reporting features here.

Using a Heart Rate Monitor with KER ClockIt Sport

While you do not need a heart rate monitor to use KER ClockIt Sport, monitoring your horse’s heart rate can give added insight into your horse’s fitness. KER ClockIt Sport is designed to work with the Polar Equine Heart Rate Monitor.