Riders from many different disciplines use KER ClockIt to track their horse’s fitness. Can you guess the disciplines for the following four sample sessions?

A sample KER ClockIt Session

Eventing: Training Level Cross-Country Course

Horse: OTTB

Session notes: This session shows a horse completing a Training-level cross-country course during competition. His heart-rate quickly rises into the 190s at the start of the course and stays elevated until the finish.

A sample KER ClockIt Session

Endurance: Training Ride

Horse: Arabian mare, elite level

The rider said: “This is an easy preparatory session for a 50-mile ride in a couple weeks. The session lasted just over an hour and mostly consisted of trotting. We just want to keep them moving and loose, without asking too much during the buildup to a race.”

A sample KER ClockIt Session

Eventing/Dressage: Dressage School

Horse: Pony mare

The rider said: “Dressage school on a hot day. This tells me she is aerobically able to do more work. Since shifting her weight back is still new and difficult for her, muscle fatigue is the limiting factor.”

A sample KER ClockIt Session


Horse: Thoroughbred gelding

Session notes: During this 2.5-hour hunt, the horse spent about 15 minutes above a heart rate of 70%. Foxhunting sessions show rapidly alternating periods of walking and faster gaits. Overall, the horse spent about half the session walking and half trotting, cantering, and galloping.