How to download the app

KER ClockIt Sport works on iPhones with iOS 7 and higher. To get the app for iPhone, go to the Apple iTunes store and search for KER ClockIt. For Android, KER ClockIt Sport can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Look for the gray icon to ensure you’re downloading the version optimized for sport horse use.

Click to download and select Register to set up your account.

You’ll then receive an e-mail confirming your registration.  Check your spam filter if it doesn’t arrive immediately, or contact us at [email protected]. Click that e-mail to confirm your account and set up your free trial, using the same credentials.

For help setting up your account and running your first session, see our Getting Started page.

How to create a free account

The app is free for all users. A Premium account unlocks additional website reporting and insights into your session data. We are happy to introduce KER ClockIt Sport with complimentary Premium access for all users.

To set up your account, download the app and create your username and password. Click to register and you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to access your profile on the KER ClockIt Sport website. Log in online (using the same credentials) to set your preferences and see reports of your sessions. For help running your first session, see our Getting Started page.

Subscription benefits

A Premium subscription grants additional access to in-depth session reports and insights available on the website. Premium subscribers can see a detailed breakdown of every ride, including a responsive map and graph showing speed, altitude, and heart rate throughout your ride—invaluable for assessing cardiovascular response to specific movements, programs, and hill work.

Equestrians around the world are using KER ClockIt to monitor their horses’ activity and conditioning.

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